Two Leading Magazines Recommend the Prius

March 16th, 2017 by

The Prius has earned a Best New Car Award. While many don’t realize it is all new, the Prius really has improved in every area. These changes have earned it the notice of Car and Driver magazine and its partner in making the awards, Good Housekeeping. You’ll find a selection of this car at Gloucester Toyota dealer serving Yorktown VA.

As the Best New Hybrid, the Prius claims the future just as surely as its proven record gives it a reliable history. The Best New Car Award was given to the Prius in recognition of its many improvements and, as always, its knockout gas mileage. It is interesting that such different magazines as Good Housekeeping and Car & Driver should reach the conclusion that this car is the best in its class. Check our inventory.

Expanding on Excellence
Although the Prius technology is among the most proven in the world, Toyota decided to make the car even better. The new city fuel economy is 54 mpg, and it earns 50 mpg on the highway. Find financing.

Safety Multiplied
Pushing the Prius even further into the future, there are numerous crash avoidance standards. These include pedestrian watch, front collision warning, and related automatic braking. The lane watch comes with a special assist function. Special aids include self-regulating high beams and radar-directed cruise control. It’s no surprise that the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety named it a 2017 Top Safety Pick Plus.

If you want a good car, you can get the best of the future today in the 2017 Toyota Prius. Find your match at Gloucester Toyota dealer serving Yorktown VA.