Gloucester Reviews the 2017 Toyota Sienna

March 21st, 2017 by

The family driver will be happier than ever behind the wheel of the 2017 Toyota Sienna. That’s because Toyota has jacked up performance. The engineers didn’t even sacrifice fuel economy to do it. That’s a win/win for the lucky families who enjoy life in the 2017 Toyota Sienna. At Gloucester Toyota dealer serving Newport News VA, we recommend a test drive to discover just how powerful this new engine really is.

Better Performance, Better Fuel Economy
Generally if you improve performance, fuel economy drops. Toyota engineers found another way. The new Sienna engine is rated for 295 horsepower and 263 lb.-ft. of torque. Last year’s engine could claim only 266 horsepower and 245 lb.-ft. The engine actually chooses whether to use port or direct fuel injection. With the standard Otto cycle, it can choose to offer more performance. With the Atkinson Cycle, it can emphasize efficiency. With the ability to switch between the two cycles, this sophisticated engine manages to earn 27 mpg highway. You’ll be happier behind the wheel with more horsepower and happier at the pump with better fuel economy.

This versatile vehicle lets you seat passengers with plenty of wiggle room. It also lets you fold seats to create a big cargo area. Only Toyota has Driver Easy Speak for parents who want to talk to their kids without having to yell. Learn more about features by checking out our inventory.


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The Sienna is waiting for your family at Gloucester Toyota.